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Well if anyone is still out there (and following the build) here is an update!

I'm working on the rear brake setup and the gas tank lately. I got the rear master cylinder tabs welded on, and rear caliper bracket made up/welded onto the frame and I'm mostly trying to get the brake lever thought out and made. I got the gas tank body made up, using 1/8" aluminum. Think I'm getting the welder (and myself) dialed in now. I tested the tank by pressurizing it with air and holding it under water. The tank holds 100 psi (oops) with ease and doesn't leak/blow apart so now it's on to the filler cap and the barb on the bottom side. Debating if I want to machine a fuel cap or just buy a cheap one.

My goal is to get the rear brake functional, and the tank mounted, then test ride it in 1st gear to make sure it all jives. When I get my front brake line I'll add the front brake as well, but the rear is much more powerful. The front is mostly to aid in burnouts.

Getting there, slowly but surely. The predator 212 swap into the baja blitz took a good chunk of my time, but man is that a fun little bike.

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