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hehe weight can be an advantage on gravel, especially with a third wheel
But I know what you mean..

when I take a trip through the region
I really enjoy watching those big twins pulling up a hill so effortlessly,
where my comparably small 750 wants 4.5k or more to even climb a noteworthy inclination,
twins of similar or bigger size with their impressive wheeltorques
just barely need more than idle speeds to pull up.

So yeah
But that doesn't answer my question really..

How does it compare to say the shifted variant of the California you have?
is it as smooth? smoother?.. kinda jerky just above engagement speeds?
Can it move the sidecar in second from a dead stop?
You feel it losing power after a long trip due to heat losses?
Or does it feel like your average automatic car transmission and just pulls through
all day every day w/o even touching the clutch for days?

Sorry, just a huge fan of the old Moto Guzzis and I can't help it.. I need to know

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