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Hello I'm a newbie and I just got a go cart sunday for $125.00 with a 5hp briggs and stratton engine that was built in the 90s and it sat in a barn for 23 years. Sunday me and my friend went to go and look at the go cart after I talked to the guy about the go cart. Before I went to see the go cart I got a new spark plug and some starting fluid. and we got the guys house and me and my friend looked at the go cart and tested the compression and looked at the oil level and checked the gas tank and it had signs of sitting up a long time. and we took the old spark plug out and sprayed some starting fluid in there and put the new spark plug in and cranked the engine and it fired up for 3 seconds and died. and I bought the go cart. Then when I got home and took apart the carb and cleaned it out and one jet was clogged up and got the tank cleaned out put some new fuel in and drained the oil and put some fresh oil in and cranked it up and run and it needed it some carb adjustment to run right and I put a new chain on since the old one was stiff and frozen. and notice the clutch was shot. so I put a new one on and now the engine runs like a new one and drives a like a new go cart does