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Default Amphicat Project

Been absent for awhile working up north and getting ready for a major life change. I will be moving off-grid as soon as my ODSP comes through and currently working on a 60's Amphicat 6x6. Below are the pictures of my progress so far. I hope my sign is good enough battery dead on camera so I have to wait to make a new one, and I have to go help someone put up a metal building this week.
Attached Thumbnails
10154125_801005493337582_8878757756089948573_n.jpg   10254036_801008006670664_5761512755098176591_n.jpg  

10402721_801007596670705_6094291685172603976_n.jpg   10574310_801007150004083_5873210819263070340_n.jpg  

11052391_801004520004346_4337361087790957962_n.jpg   12718275_801005010004297_7407969680398766169_n.jpg  

12729038_801004893337642_5260315467524620449_n.jpg   12734265_801006336670831_5170097444664693449_n.jpg  

12742403_801007666670698_3989741190599143120_n.jpg   Untitled.jpg  

Watch where that lands, I might need that later