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Look at you... I'm pretty sure I never insulted anyone. And told them they wear panties. What I know for sure, is that I said, it was a dead subject. Lets forget about it.
So you and your select few that continue to harass me, are the only ones to blame. Sorry but I won't roll over and take it.

And about the 17 tooth sprocket...if you are still curious....I'm I'm the midst of fabricating the dang mounting plate to handle the huge sprocket. The b type did work....after I cut the hub side in half. Pain in the butt. I also found a good spacer to throw on the hubless side. Just need to do a few more cuts, and piece of back together. In actually pretty excited about all the work I've done to it. Almost seems like I knew what I was doing!

And dont forget....the rude people on here...