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Originally Posted by KingCobra View Post
I agree!! Most folks just run the streets and most times in circles which will chew up any 'off road' tire in no time. Remember, most tires at HF are off road tires and probably tested as such. You want a good tire for the road, get a DOT tire then.
No, when harbor freight tires say off road, it means off road compared to a hard solid rubber hand truck tire. Because that's what is is. A hand truck tire. So it's compared against smooth floor hand truck tires. It has absolutely nothing to do with grip, treadwear, or DOT compliance.

Yes, a set of good Carlisle knobbies will wear out in a month if you run it for hours every day on asphalt. Harbor Freight hand truck tires will wear out in one hour or less under the same conditions.

That and the manufacturing standards are poor on hand truck tires. They rarely run true, they wobble, eccentric rotation, out of balance, bearing burning junk that isn't designed to take any sort of impact. They are meant to go 4mph.
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