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25mm isn't unseen indeed.. chances are it's either chinese or european made

First the good news.. in case the 1" hubs will fail on you for not being tight enough to clamp that metric shaft,
you can find metric hubs all over the world (at the expenses of shipping fees.. sure)
finding a chinese seller on ebay or such makes that a LOT easier.
just search for "25mm kart hub" and you'll surely find some..
be aware though american based sellers take crazy money
(114 bucks for two.. where around here one can be had for 20 bucks)
So check non US based sellers first

If that's a bit too tedious for you because say your bolthole circle is NOT that of a std metric kart wheel (it unlikely is, right)
you can go to your local machinist shop and ask for 0.2mm shim steel (a 1"x4" strip will suffice I guess)
just cut it to size and wrap that around the axle (leave the keyway alone)
and there you have it a shimmed 25.4mm axle (or what you'd call an inch )
shouldn't cost you more than maybe a buck or two

If you hubs are clamping you shouldn't need to worry though..
usually clamped hubs do not ever close up on a shaft..
so chances are you can just tighten it down as if it's an imperial axle.
And if it's too loose you could still file down the lands slightly to allow it to close even tighter
in case you can't find the shimsteel locally for example

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