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Originally Posted by JTSpeedDemon View Post
Yes, I should've clarified.
This is what I meant by valveless: lacking cam operated valves.
I should've clarified, and that's my bad.
Oh JT don't act like you knew..
and then proving you don't ...

Still NO: I for myself tend to forget about two stroke diesels myself..
which I'm afraid at times use cams and poppet valves just like you'd see on a four stroke..
(loop scavenging as well as uniflow scavenging two strokes can have poppet valves and cams to control them.. I only ever seen them on diesel two strokes.. maybe there are gas variants as well *shrugs*)
yes we rarely come across those (especially on this site),

but it's simply a rookie mistake to say you know,
because of the valves! you do not!

You likely know a briggs flathead when you see one, sure;
and you are correct that it is a four stroke engine, no doubts.
But don't try to explain that "seen it.. know it"
with some technical specs that draw you in the rabbit hole of misinterpretation.

I was holding back on intake vs exhaust port positions for example for that very reason.
while with two strokes they're seldomly on the same height,
(intake is usually lower down the cylinder for the engines we usually deal with)
it's still nothing you can rely on.
Since as soon as there's a cam operated valve in play it can be just at any height again.
Same for the exhaust port
which on two strokes again sits 'usually' lower down the cylinder wall than on a four stroke

So no, sorry, but you're off once again
(which I think is at least partly my fault with the "different ones than four strokes" claim above.. which unfortunately is not true if we take all two strokes into account)

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