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Default (2) Facebook Dingo Finds

Hey folks!

I don't have room for them right now, but if any of you are in the southern Maryland / southern Delaware area, I found a couple of AMAZING deals on Facebook last night!!!

The first is a practically brand new Manco Dingo 285/286 with very low hours, ready to run (RTR). The guy is only asking $400 for it, which I know is a steal (considering I'm rebuilding one right now with my son and have invested more than that in parts).

Link for Delaware Dingo: $400 Dingo for sale in Deleware


The second is another Manco Dingo 285/286 that is for sale down in southern Maryland. It looks like it's in mostly good shape, but needs a new seat and torque converter. The guys is only asking $250 for this one. This is also another steal!!!

Link for Maryland Dingo: $250 Dingo for sale in southern Maryland


Hope someone here can pick these up! I would if I had the room, and the ability to ride them more!
Ya'll!!! Rob