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Default New guy from old Europe (France)

Hi there, i'm Faman, from France, i apologize in advance for the strange english you will read coming from me.
I'm totally new to this hobby, but thinking about making my own GK since...well a long time...i'm 43 now
my father used to get a business on lawnmower selling and maintenance, farm machines and, since i was a kiddo, hanging around the stock and the workshop, i was dreaming about making something on my own from old rusty parts of wrecked lawnmower, tractor...
I always wanted to weld, construct,and do something with wheels, drive and engines...B&G, Kubota, Honda, Tecumseh or else...
but, hey life goes never where you except. My father was more the manager style than the mechanical one and so he was not feeling it the same way i did and never permit me to work on the workshop...too bad. (he's got over quality)
it's only after 3 decades, 3 kids, 1 divorce, that i'm curently able to take a peak at this hobby.CAUSE I HAVE NOW A WORKBENCH IN MY GARAGE !
want to do something with my 7 year old son now, want to have it and plan it as a son and dad weekend activity. the overall plan is to recycle a maximum of things, wrecked or not, rusty forgotten piece of steel, wheels for cheap...i actually get an old Briggs from a power generator, just have to do some light restoration on it. for me the fun is to do something really personal and cheap not buying a kit or looking for perfection (not for the moment). First i need to learn the basics from the masters here
Sorry for the long and boring story. Sure i will find useful informations as i start absolutely from scratch here. Also i praise for understanding, patience, good advices and welcoming from people around here. seeya

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