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Default Don't lift it, put it on a stand.......

Under load is how you test your adjustments, not how you make them. Remember the dirt riders' motto "Ride it, break it, fix it, repeat". Set the bottom of the frame on a stand that won't move or fall, be it a bench, pallet, box, whatever's strong. Never try spinning the rear wheel with one hand on the throttle and one hand holding up the machine, that's a disaster waiting to happen. And you ought to see the 3" x 4" section of metal downspout that I caved in thinking just a little throttle before the centrifugal clutch grabs would be okay. It happens suddenly when there's no weight on the machine, and can feel like it jumped into the next county when that grab happens, no catching it. Adjust, ride, readjust, ride some more, etc. Concentrate on the fun part, that you get to ride. Repeatedly.