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Default Greetings All!

As a first timer, I would like to say hello to everyone, and looking forward to reading and hearing a lot of great ideas of Go-carts. I have 2 boys 9 & 12 years old who are set on building a go-cart and boy am I glad that I found this site and forum!

I hope I don't sound too stupid when I'm asking questions but there seems a lot to read and decipher! When the boys wanted to build a gas powered engine to propel their go cart, I figured on getting a 3-5 hp lawn mower engine! But after reading the comments about the horizontal and vertical engines, I would probably like to go the route of an electric engine! I've downloaded Kibble's instructions on converting a starter to the engine and looks like I will have to pick your brains on mounting, propelling, etc. with this type engine, as well as how the battery is connected, charged, etc.

So, sorry to sound long winded, but that's my intro!

I live in the west coast of Canada and my boys are ready to start!