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Update, no longer complete. I figured out how to put larger wheels on the back using some hubs from HF and some 4ply tires from ebay. Works great, but the larger diameter wheels slowed acceleration. I first tried the HF tires that came with the wheels but they don't last, wore holes in them doing hard stops.

On a FB group, someone mentioned using a different speed control with the motor, one capable of sending 50 amps and that it really woke the motor up. A few days after that I learned about the simple mod you can do to the chinese speed controller to increase it's output amps which is nothing but adding solder to the shunts reducing their resistance. So I did that and ordered a shunt with amperage display and now its pulling over 50amps going into the esc on full throttle starts, so over 2500w. Motor is cooler than before and now the esc is starting to get barely warm. New problem is I keep jumping teeth due to the extra power even with the chains on very tight.

So now the 1" axle #35 drive line upgrade is happening sooner than later and my cart is no longer complete. For the front I'll be welding on 5/8" spindle bolts and I ordered some hubs for the front and rear. I already have some 6" and 11" wide racing slicks that I ordered for the manco that will be great for street running.

Another mod will be to raise and change the steering wheel. I'm thinking of using something similar to a bicycle handle bars.
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