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So, this is the ORIGINAL BIKE (not the one i fixed up with my nephew).

Decided to put the ol briggs on it with all the goodies inside, ported, dual bearing block, billet rod, billet flywheel, cheetah clutch set to engage at who knows what, im hoping 2800-3200 rpm, i built this fancy motor mount thing a ma jig and painted it with my airbrush. First time unsing an air brush that i had purchased like 5 years ago with AUTOAIR colors and it turned out alright. I havent clear coated it though but oh well.

I also put on a pz22 knockoff 20mm carb on it, redid the seat, gotta put some tires on it. Its geared for 36 mph at 7000 rpm so should be a blast to ride around. Clutch is 15t, jackshaft in is 20t, jackshaft out is 9t, and axle sprocket is 50t, tires are either 13 or 145/70-6
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