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yep, make no mistake about it wild is the word!

not to make excuses, but there might have been some alcohol involved w/ that text book pit maneuver.
some of us double up w/ kids in these raises meaning that some parents race adult and their kids race the same machines in the kids class. i put my buddy's kid in mine and she rolled in practice. we ended up sending her to the hospital because the EMT's could not be sure if there was a break or not in her wrist. well, Amber took it pretty hard because we're pretty close knit and after a bit of crying and hysteria from the initial shock, she started hitting the Captain's and sprite which might account for the early turn to the left which took out the other buggy.
the funny part was her recount of the incident was that Steve, the dude in the other buggy just spun out in front of her. it took 4 views of the video to convince her she might have had something to do with it.

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this is sober wild amber

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