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That is in fact a Rathmann Xterminator and a bit of the inspiration for this build. I have read polar opposite opinions on how they handled and how well the aluminum worked as the chassis material.

Being the primary function for this kart is fun I am willing to take my chances on building one just to see if I can do it.

I did another paper mock up last night and still refining.
I think I need to change the dimensions of the seat back just a tad to fit it inside the side rails better and I need to design a bulkhead behind the seat for the front of the engine mount to attach to.

Even though its a new pattern, the mock up doesnt look much different than before, but as soon as there is something of substance to add, I will!

I really appreciate the feedback...this is a really good way for me to really think and express my ideas, and gives me a great outlet to let my mind ponder where things may go pear shaped and what my next step(s) may or should be.

Thanks for chiming in, its greatly appreciated.

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