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Li-on lithium ion -lithium polymer I'm using Lion not lithium polymer .All good things come with practice as so knowledge is learned through mistakes I'm sure Nicola Tesla has fried him self more then once had a few small fires don't shoot me down just yet .I have just finished my first pack of 20 has 16.8v fully charged and 7.2 ah pack .5 series 4 parallel 4.2v X 4=16.8 v
There is a guy in YouTube using the same batteries to power a VW bus (samba) it's a cool idea and I wanted to share what I was doing with everyone on the forum .

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Lipo fire! Not that you will be driving a nail into a Lipo Battery but the fire will NOT be put out with out expensive fire suppression tools.
That is dangerous don't get me wrong but that is a good way to discharge them before you throw them away .granted salt water in a bucket is a better idea much safer .
@@Caution burns rubber often