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Smart move on the 60-tooth, even a 72-tooth won't flip you over backwards as long as you scoot up on the seat. Everybody seems to forget that. That's why a 17" seat does more for a single rider than it does in being able to carry a passenger. Not street legal anyway, where would a passenger ride to? What worries me is that tiny 8-tooth drive sprocket. The more teeth, the more grabbing the chain. I run a 12/60 setup that's way too **** fast on the top end, going to a 12/50 with a #41 setup instead of #35. The 12-tooth makes me feel better about how all that power is being extracted from its birthplace, that's where the most torque is. That TC of yours, is it asymmetrical or standard V-belt? If a V-belt, then a cogbelt (notched-out belt for small pulley turns) will last a lot longer. If asymmetrical, sure you mounted it with the flat side to the flat side of the pulley?