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Originally Posted by Budget GoKart View Post
Here is better pictures the steering wheel on the back says Kelch corp IT'S A MANCO! Woo
Haha, you guys are funny. The knowledgeable Mr. Smerft85 got to you before I did.

It's not a Manco....but it is junky!
You can't just go off one detail like a steering wheel and assume you know what it is.

That IS a steering wheel used on a lot of early Sears karts and Brister's Thunder Karts, but it's got Kartco, Brister's and Ken-Bar features, combined, but doesn't seem to be any of those, decisively.

Mighty similar to a Kartco 330/335T with that single steering strut...

But, the design of the pedals, the frame tubing and the bent metal plate on the end of the steering shaft leads me to believe [along with the steering wheel] that it is a Brister's Thunder Kart kart of some type. Or it's a Frankenstein's monster.

I am not saying it's this one, but it's close...
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