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Sooo.. that is NOT an offset kart (aka oval kart)!
it's a straight one.(thankfully so!)

I see you're running hubbed front wheels, so the spacer would be behind the hub, not the rim of course. (in- and outside of the hub.. and I think I see some tbh)

And no, the valve should be facing outboard.
(running inboard valves is possible but really bad practise)

if you're willing to remove the seat you can check the spindle linkages..

On that second picture it appears that the left front wheel isn't straight, but in fact runs a bit toe out, so fix that first.
Then again the pitman arm doesn't seem to be centered... maybe it's the right wheel asking for adjustment.
toe can be set by adjusting tie rod length;
just loosen the locking nuts and twist the center tube to lengthen it, then relock the nuts.
no need to remove them from the pitman arm or the spindle linkages in order to do so.

once the wheels are perfectly parallel and straight (pitman arm centered)
check if the spindle linkages need adjustment.

with the seat removed
wind a few turns of string around each kingpin head,
then pull those strings back to the dead center of the rear axle,
to form a V
Click image for larger version

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with the steering (and more importantly: the wheels) straight,
the linkage should be inline with the string,
(the tierod connection bolt is what counts..)

instead of a piece of string, a line laser works even better,
if you have one, make use of that instead

if both are off (by the same 'noteworthy' amount)
chances are it's not the spindles made for that kart.
if only one is off, indeed it might be bent.
if both are on (or off by a not noteworthy amount)
your only problem is spacing of the hubs really.

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