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Default Flywheel Failures

On one of the FB groups I belong to the Billet Flywheel question came up.

It was something like if I use a MOD2 cam, do I need to upgrade the flywheel.

And reply after reply said YES.
And I wondered how many of those people actually had a flywheel blow up.

So I was the A-Hole that said "Prove It, I want to see pictures of the exploded flywheel." I said that I haven't come across anybody who actually had a flywheel fail on them.

I did get one picture of of blown up flywheel.
And a very reputable name said he had a magnet fly off in his shop and that his friend had a flywheel explode.
Another person said they cracked a flywheel and it caused a terrible shake, but he wont have pictures till Tuesday
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