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I been doing some RPM tests on the 60V 2,000W brushless Boma motor that's powering the Atom kart.

Doin' separate tests for each of the low, medium & high speeds.

Each test is on a fully charged & rested overnight, battery pack.

The first low speed test showed an average highest RPM of 320
& the highest that I saw was 348 RPM's.
(* these are axle RPM's)

Then, we do the math (the Atom kart has a 5.4:1 gear ratio)

So, it looks like low speed, on this 60V 2,000W set-up, seems to produce:

Avg. 320 x 5.4=1,728 RPM's
Max. 348 x 5.4=1,879 RPM's

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