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Wow, just wow!
...tons & tons of useful info

I read over your replies, several times
...really helps me to "put it into perspective" & understand all of this stuff better

I even go back & read old ones like
…it helps to clarify some stuff that I didn't understand (too good)

1.) VPR is only useful (to us) as an "indicator"?
...of like, what RPM's, most 1,000W MY-1020 motors should produce when (X) voltage is applied

Manta (he he)...what can I say?
(so, that's why no one else lists an RPV value in their specs) cha

2.) It would be best to test & find the "favored direction of rotation" of a motor
...& to run it that way, for best performance (highest RPM's & efficiency)
...& to reduce the "extra" heat build up

3.) Yes, the 8,000W motor on my El Moto seems to be a "sibling" of the ME0709 (size & weight)
...but, the specs don't seem to match too well (if my Amp/Volt meter is anywhere near correct)

For example, Motenergy

"The ME0709 is a Brush-type Permanent Magnet DC motor. Light weight, high efficiency design. Designed for 24-72 VDC battery operated equipment. Capable of 300 amps peak (1 minute) and 125 amps continuous. Totally open, fan cooled motor. Motor weight of 36 pounds."

...but, I've seen the Amp/Volt meter, on El Moto, read over 500A many times (just for a split second)
IIRC the highest was 563A

Maybe closer to the specs for a ME1003

"This ME1003 is a Brush-Type, Permanent Magnet DC motor with very high efficiency. Capable of 11.5 KW continuous and 20 KW for 30 seconds (at 72 VDC). For voltages from 12 to 72 VDC input and 200 amps continuous (400 amps for 30 seconds ). Designed for battery operated equipment. Motor weight of 39 pounds."

It seems like the main difference is "if" the motor has single brushes (8)
...or double brushes (16)
(I have not looked inside of my motor to see which it is...yet)

* For the record, I am running a Kelly KDZ 72550 (up to 72V & 550A)
(it's the one that you recommended, after we did the Ohm tests on my motor, a few years back)