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Originally Posted by itsid View Post
the commutators are slightly biased on almost all PMDC motors,
I thought you're aware of that.

Most diagrams are even split for CW and CCW rotation.

Nope, I guess not
...(if you would) please explain further

But, during my research, I've read that the brushes in (some) motors are mounted at an angle, running them backwards, as opposed to the "originally" designed direction, effects the performance/efficiency
(& for some, may not even be recommended)

Still learnin' on motor performance charts (diagrams)
...but, I don't remember us discussing CW vs. CCW rotation
...or even seeing anything about it on any of the charts

* Could this, CW vs. CCW RPM difference, be why the !Arriba! kart unexpectedly turned to the left
...& flipped on me last summer?

If both throttles were operated "in sync"
...the right motor would "rotate", the right tire, a bit faster than the left
...causing an abrupt left turn, when the front wheels "lifted" & lost their "directional" traction