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got any pictures of it?
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Originally Posted by ChadClancy View Post
Do you have any thoughts on the size of the outer housing and the part of the knuckle that fits between the rods?

It's hard to tell for sure how these items are sized but we do know the diameter of the rods. The attached image shows what I had envisioned. That would make the inside dimension of the housing about 2 inches and the knuckle bar 1.375 inches. Does this look plausible?
i havent been on in a while but i came in for a look to see what eveyone is up too and i lightbulb poped up when i seen your pic, lol..

i dont know how available it is (or if its even been thought of by any of ya) but big excavation equiptment use these big a$$ rubber belts, got to be at least 1/2 round if i remember correctly, that get streched out and need to be replaced.. we use to use them as bungee type rubber bands as kids for slingshots (hook them to 2 trees across the driveway pull tommy back in the wagon and let him go type of sillyness) they would be good i think for you drawing cut into rods.. just my 2 cents

also i would try and dimple the 4 flat sides of the center bar in order to get a tighter fit..

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