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DIY Go Karts

Simplified Building Plans For Go Karts and Mini Bikes


Thanks everyone for the interest in the DIYGoKarts stickers! If you haven't gotten some yet, click over here.

We are in the process of updating the website with our new look.

Now, we'd like to announce super cool t-shirts with the new logo on them!

The shirts are a new brand called Tultex, which is like an American Apparel shirt. They are lightweight cotton and very soft. The tags in them are removeable so the tag doesn't bother your neck. This is a quality shirt.

Example of shirt below

The logo is printed small on the left chest and big on the back. The pic above is what the printer gave us as an mock-up, so the pic of the big logo on the front is just for example. The big logo is really on the back. See the below picture for an "actual real-life" pic. Size-wize, they run about normal, and do not run short like cheapo shirts do.

Material: Only the crew neck are 100% cotton. V-necks are a blend.

Order A Shirt Today! Will ship worldwide! $14 US Dollars each! Comes with a DIYGK sticker, and bragging rights that you are a cool son of a gun!

We may not reprint these shirts for a while, so if you want one, getcha one now!


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