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go kart stickers

UPDATE: We have a limited number of leather patches. These are the same size as the stickers. They could be a good beverage coaster as well. See the Paypal link at the bottom to order them. Pic at: Leather Patch Info

Thanks everyone for the interest in these stickers!

Come and get your COMPLETELY FREE sticker!

Friends, I'm super-stoked to be announcing OUR NEW LOGO AND STICKERS!

Are you looking for a DIYGK T-Shirt? CLICK HERE!

After blood, sweat, and beers, we've come up with this. I hope you guys like it.

In the coming months I'll be changing over the website's design to incorporate this logo. But until then, you can get yourself a free sticker to put on your ride, project, laptop, dog ... wherever!

How to get your sticker:

USA members:
Send me a S.A.S.E. That's a self-addressed-stamped-envelope. Never heard of that? No problem. click here

For non-USA members and people that don't know what stamps are:
I have set up a Paypal deal so we can avoid asking you to international ship me a SASE. If you're in the US and simply don't have any stamps, OK, OK, you can use it too.

Send SASE (with a forever/ 49 cent stamp) to:
Robert Jung
1214 Belvin St
San Marcos, TX 78666

One SASE will get you one completely free sticker. No questions asked! If you'd like 5, drop a dollar or two in that envelope to defray the cost of printing, and you've got it! And who doesn't need five? Want more than that? No problem, drop in some more cash-ola and let me know how many you want! Do you have dollars laying around everywhere just taking up space? Put 'em all in there! We'll put them to good use, and appreciate the donation towards the DIYGK Administrator's Sanity Fund!

Thanks everyone for being here and helping make this a great fun place to be a part of.

For international members, or those that simply can't find any stamps, order some stickers via Paypal here. (SHIPPING IS INCLUDED)

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go kart stickers
Don't forget, if you are located in the USA, you can send us a SASE for a totally free sticker or a SASE and a couple bucks for extra stickers.