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This is page lists sites we recommend for go kart information, plans, and photos.

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Go Karts & Buggies

DIY Go Karts and ATVs - Our kind of people! ATVs from go kart engines, go karts, fun site.

Bar Stool Kart - Got to see it to believe it.

Ultimate Junkyard Kart - Amazing use of available materials.

Electric Kart - Standard frame, electric motors. Good build journal.

The PsychoKart - Enormous motorcycle engine on a racing kart.

Go Kart Forums - Gallery and BBS forum.

Turbo Kart - Jet turbine powered kart.

Go Kart 2000 - Classifieds and info.

Sadik Buggy - Good home built buggy.

Electric Kart - Classic frame with an electric motor.

Start-R-Up - Markets a cool product that lets you start your kart from the driver's seat.

Mini Bikes

Old Mini Bikes - Specs, photos, ebay watch list, forums; this is a nice resource.

Chopper Builders Handbook - Everything chopper related.

Blackjack's Chopper Tech - Tech info, gussets, springer mounting.

Minidoodle - Hobbyist site dedicated to building mini bikes in the DIY spirit. Includes message board.

MechWerks - Tech info on full size chopper builds.

Rupp Mini Bikes - Museum like site showcasing this 60s-70s-era mini bikes brand.

Tote-Gote Land - Documents the low-tech vintage "Tote Gote" trail mini bikes.

LC Choppers - Videos of a mini chopper build in awesome tribute to OCC style.

Mr. Sand's Chopper Build - Another build up journal

Mini Bike Connection - Cool history info, lots of photos of vintage bikes.

Technical Karting Info

Vintage Karts - History of karting, starting from the 50s and 60s.

Make a Speedometer - DIY speedo project.

Understanding Front-end Geometry - Great info on toe in, caster, etc.

More Steering Info - From UK Karting site.

Even More Steering Info

Small Engine Help - Technical info to fix your small engine.

Other Four Wheel Projects

Small Car Plans - Plans for antique replicas and homebuilt mini autos.

Bar Stool Racing - Great page on building, racing, and funning with bar stools.