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Simplified Building Plans For Go Karts and Mini Bikes

End of the Season

Maintenance When the Season Ends

When the season ends, you'll need to do a few simple things to store your project.


Drain the gas from the tank by letting the engine run until empty. If the carb is equipped with a bowl, check the bottom for a drain plug at its base. Remove the rest of the gas from the tank via evaporation in a open, ventilated area away from any sparks or flame, or by using rags. Use caution.

Some products like "Sta-Bil" are made to store gas, but the best bet is to remove it.

Before using in the spring, remove the spark plug and add a small amount of oil to the cylinder. Replace the plug and slowly pull the starter before reattaching the plug wire.


Be aware of your brake and throttle cables when storing. Lubricate the ends with WD-40 or other lubricant so they don't seize.


Keep the machine out of the rain. A cheap tarp will save you rust headaches!

When Spring Arrives

When you're ready to ride again, perform standard maintenance.

  • use fresh gas, not last season's
  • check the air filter
  • change the oil
  • oil all parts
  • oil engine
  • adjust chain
  • inspect tires for dry rot