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Throttle Control Rod and Cable Kit

Full Throttle System for Go Kart

Many use mixture of cable and control rod for brakes and throttles. Use with foot pedals. Rod hooks to foot pedal. Mount to frame and use return spring for solid throttlel return. Cable completes the system, running to engine.

Kit includes one throttle rod 1/4in. x 31in., wire stop, nylon adapter, pedal return spring, throttle cable assembly, and hex nut. Cable measures a full 65 inches.

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This system has two distinct advantages to using cable alone.

The first is that it allows you more length between the pedal and the engine, if that is a factor. The full cable, paired with the rod give you over 90 inches of room.

The other advantage is in using the rod. The rod, paired with the heavy duty return spring will ensure that the gas pedal does not stick. The rod moves smoothly, and hooks in to the pedal very cleanly. Without the rod, you'll have to attach the cable to the pedal using a wire stop, and that won't look at good as the secure rod slipping into the hole in the pedal.

The pedal will return with ease at the rod/cable connection. The cable continues the throttle system, and connects to the engine's throttling system for a worry-free go kart connection.