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Throttle Pedal - Right Pedal

Go Kart Gas Pedal

This sharp looking pedal is made from perforated steel for good looks.

Use the foot pedal for brake or throttle. Mounting shaft is welded for strength. Can be used for through-frame mounting. Dimensions: 6.5in.L x 2in.W x 1 3/8in.H

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The right side pedal is generally used for the gas. However it's your kart -- if you want to route the brake on the right side, that's your choice!

These pedals are not sold as a pair, so make sure you get both.

You could also use the pedal on a mini bike for a brake. A mini chopper brake pedal would make the mini bike look more like a full size version.

Or, make a foot operated gas pedal for your mini bike and then you could have completely clean handlebars without the standard looking twist throttle.

Use the left side on the mini chopper for the brake.

You can use throttle cable or brake cable with these pedals, but it's suggested that you use the throttle version because you'll have to modify less.