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Go Cart Frame

Just the Go Kart Pre Built Frame

Do you want to build a go kart but you can't weld? This complete go kart frame is the answer. Double-tube frame is jig-welded and has strong 1in. x .083 wall tubing.

The frame is complete with steering hoop, spindle brackets, steering shaft bushings, engine mounting plate, pedal bushings, and control rod anchors.

The frame is not for street use. The frame includes live-axle bearing hangers and can take a live axle, or a fixed axle.

48in.L x 26in.W x 5 1/2in.H overall.

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Great frame if you're not building your own from scratch. But be aware that this is set up for a live axle. Of course, you don't have to use a live axle, but then you'll need to be able to weld the fixed axle in place.

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