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Fixed Axle Go Kart Bearings

For fixed axles, you'll need press fit bearings. These fit fixed hub for use under 25 MPH. If used at higher speeds, they will wear out faster.

O.D.: 1 3/8in. Bore: 5/8in.

Some suppliers sell a high-speed bearing, which is much more expensive. They will last longer overall, but this can be weighed aga

inst the lower cost of the low speed bearings.

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These bearings are the standard size bearings for most go karts. These are not used for live axle go karts. Generally, the fixed axle go kart bearings will be either 5/8" or 3/4" bearing size.

Replacement Bearings

When buying bearings, consider buying a complete second set. Without fail your bearings will burn out just when you don't have any other sets available.

These low speed bearings are not as durable as the expensive high speed bearings that are sometimes available. Consider your top speed and buy with that in mind. Most karts will reach 25-30 MPH with a 60 tooth sprocket.