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The Starter Motor
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Convert Car Starter Motor for Go Kart Use

How to Make a DIY Electric Motor for Your Kart

Rather than a gas engine, you might consider an electric motor for your karting project.

What follows is a simple DIY project which will turn an ordinary autmobile engine starter into an electric motor with forward and reverse!

Forward and Reverse Electric Motor

Most auto starters work on the same basic design, so the brand shouldn't matter too much. The starter in this plan is from an older Nissan Sentra.

The simple tools and materials used in this project included:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Screwdrivers
  • Small sockets
  • Diagonal cutters / wire cutters
  • Several pieces of 10 gauge wire, 3 different colors

Let's Begin

Fig. 1: Remove the two circled bolts in that retain the solenoid in place. You will not be using the solenoid so do as you will with it.

Fig. 2: Remove the nut that attaches the positive lead of the motor to the solenoid so that you can completely remove the solenoid from its location.

Fig. 3: You will now be able to completely remove the solenoid and any other related parts.

Fig. 4: You may cut or remove the extra piece that remains on the top cover as it will no longer be used for anything and just takes up space.

Figs. 5 & 6: Next, you will focus on the rear end of the starter and remove the two long bolts that hold the whole thing together. These are circled in red.

Fig. 7: Once you take off the top, be sure that the rotor (surrounded by blue) does not fall out because it's a pain to put the commutator back into the piece that contains the brushes. It's up to you if you want to completely remove it though.

Figs. 8-10: Next remove the brushes from the rear cover by removing the two phillips screws on the rear. you will also need to remove the plastic cover (arrow) because there is an E clip underneath holding the rotor in place.


These plans are the work of forum member Kibble. Big thanks to him! Please email with any questions, additions, or corrections! Click here if you wish to download Kibble's original PDF.