To me, it's gold! (eBay find)

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I'd thought I'd share my find, maybe revive some lost hopes with it.

Well I was searching eBay for an engine for my on-going minichopper project, and, to me, I hit go-kart gold (I'm planning to build a go-kart after I finish the minichopper).

For only $46 and some cents, a 3-speed riding lawnmower transmission arrived at my girlfriend's house (not at mine because my mom would have a fit).

(ratios are engine driven sprocket : the sprocket that drives the axle)
1st gear: 4:1
2nd gear: 3:1
3rd gear: 2:1
And it has a reverse, whose drive ratio I don't know.

The engine-driven sprocket is vertical, but the axle-driving sprocket is horizontal. At last! I can use a vertical-shaft motor on my go-kart!

Keep looking around people, especially on eBay and you'll find something worthwhile!
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