Tillotson Briggs Throttle Hookup


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So I finally got all the pieces (I think) to put my Tillotson HL-19D carburetor on the Hothead, but I can't figure out the throttle linkage. I've seen this same style throttle kit elsewhere than EC Carburetors, but I can't figure it out. There were no instructions included.
So this one is especially directed towards the old school racers, I need help with this throttle, I vaguely understand what each piece is for, but I don't know how it all goes together. Any diagrams or pictures would be massively helpful. Also I hope I don't need to modify my pipe or get a different one because it's kinda tight between it and the carb.

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Oh wait, this video kind of just answered my question LOL.

I have never used such a fancy contraption, just a 1/8 npt X 3/16 compression fitting, spring, wire stop,
and widget of scrap metal , typically bent at a 90ish, one side tapped pipe thread, other 1/4 hole,
to tag along on one of the carb mount bolts or anything decent.

On my tillotson, you could remove the screws from the ends of the throttle shaft, and switch
the arms from side to side, if that helps. Or rotate the carb 180 degrees, if the pulse port is open/ or gravity fed fuel.
I have also just used an external pulse pump with them.

Anyway, lookin good. Much more legit than my cobbled together homemade manifolds.