Throttle set up


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Well I have just about had enough with this throttle issue!!!
Made a couple silly mistakes due to trial and error.
I believe the governor spring is causing problems.
It takes a fair amount of force to get the lever to the full speed position, then it won't return to idle on its own. I needed to add a return spring, of course that's just adding to the force required to get to full speed. Add to this the resistance in the cable itself!!!
I took the governor off!!! It should be easier now.
I wanted to leave the governor on for a while to do some expirementing and baseline setting for stage 1 upgrades.
I'm just running on jackstands right now, but man what a difference with that governor removed.


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Life ain't perfect, but I do expect a cable in a sheath to be close to it every time. The cable should slide like it was buttered. Or oiled, I oil mine with Chain and Cable Lube. If it doesn't slide easy naturally, it's likely not coming out of the end of the sheath straight, or the cable/sheath has got too excessive a curve in it somewhere between pedal and carb.


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What he said ^^.

Cables should be lubed as part of routine maintenance. Then again this stand-alone post is just floating out here with no reference
and I nor anyone else not acutely following this forum (and your post history, presumably) has no real idea what you're talking about, except venting.