Silverfox 606 jackshaft cap


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The sprocket needed replaced on the jackshaft of my silverfox 606 go-kart. I took the vinyl cap off one end and pushed the jackshaft through the torque converter so i could remove the torque converter to replace the sprocket. Put everything back together but the vinyl cover for the end of the jackshaft was loose and leaking what I'm assuming is oil after test driving. Is it oil and how do I seal that cap? Thanks in advance, I have some kids that I need out of my house!!


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Elizabeth, PA
There shouldn't be any oil in the jackshaft, the shaft itself is supported by two high speed, sealed bearings on either end. Someone along the way may have added excess grease on the shaft at one time and it has broken down to a gooey mess. You didn't have to push the shaft through the torque converter to remove it, use an impact wrench next time to buzz the locknut off then slide the driven pulley off. Clean up the goop, maybe spread a thin layer of grease on the shaft to prevent rust then take the old cap to a hardware store and try to match it up with something close or put a ziptie around the end of the cap to secure it.