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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
This topic has been discussed before, but through the efforts of Half-breeder it has been revived again.

What we are proposing is a thread where members can post up pics of their finished kart or minibike. This is to give new members some inspiration as to what they can do if they put their minds to it. Something like ... "if he/she can do it, so can I".

What we are proposing is maybe a maximum of 5 pics, one maybe showing a before (if it wasn't a scratch build), and then a few pics of the final kart/minibike/whatever.

As a guideline for what you should/could put in your post, have a look at this quote from Half-breeder

Ill have it setup so that the title reads something like ... "Kart Show for EVERYONE!!! ... PLZ read first post for details!" From there Ill have an outline of 'how' things 'should' look before each members post...

{"Kart name"}(for specific identification)

{Make/model/year(if known/applicable) of kart}(for others to compare to theirs)

{Make/HP/cc of motor}(for potential comparisons)

{Gears/ratio/wheel sizes}(for potential comparisons)

{ON/OFF road usage}(der)


{short personal description/history of anything about how/why/how long it took/performance...etc}

{Vid(s) if any}(for walk around visuals/performance)

ATTACHMENTS:{4 pics(minimal) of the kart from the 4 angles}(low front, high front corner, low side, and high rear corner)

For those w/ mutlipal karts to show... a separate reply can be made.

Some of the points might or might not apply to your creation, but it would be nice to know as much about the kart/bike/whatever as we can

Please....this thread is ONLY FOR COMPLETED PROJECTS. This is not for store bought karts where you have not done any work to it. You can post your creation if you have bought a frame and restored it to factory/running condition

If there is anything I have missed, please let any of the mods know and we can rectify it

As the winner of the 2013 Build Off competition, Fabroman is going to be the first one to post his build off winner.

If I may add to this- please do not post comments or questions in this thread. We want it to simply be a log of completed builds. If you have a question of comment concerning a build in this thread, please feel free to PM the member that built it. Thanks- Doc
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Warwick Qld, Australia
You've all seen it before but, here it is again:

Inspired by: Manco American Express (the little brother to the Manco Dingo)

Powered by: Honda GX160, 5.5hp stock, 5:1 gearing on 10" slick tyres, strictly road/track use

Engine Mods: Ported & polished 14cc head, Hi flow pit bike air filter & custom adaptor, Custom 1" header pipe & 40mm tail pipe

After seeing Fast Eddies AmEx Black thread I knew I wanted one but, being in Australia, I knew the only way I would have one was if I made it myself so, I started collecting parts &, a little over a year late, my creation won the DIYGK 2013 build off contest.

For more pick, see my build log...


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Doc Sprocket

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Ontario, Canada
Here, I present to you the Green Machine. I scratch built this kart for my kids some time back. It defies convention in several ways, but that is the nature of what I do. I like repurposing things, and have allergic reactions to spending $. All in, I was a little over $200CDN on this thing- and that included a new 4hp Kohler clone engine and genuine Comet clutch.

The frame was constructed entirely of found (used) steel. An old 1970's lawn tractor was acquired free, and gave up a lot of parts for this build. Rear differential axle, wheels, tires, steering mechanism, front axle beam, front wheels. The front tires came from a little gardening wagon. Rod ends from an old Honda ATV. An industrial ventilation fan gave up the jackshaft and bearings. A 1989 Vamaha Virago 250 donated it's front brake master cylinder, brake hose, and brake caliper. The steering wheel was from a Logitech Wingman Formula Force.

Having built this for a couple of young kids, the specs have changed a couple times since it's birth. The it's been regeared, the governor setting messed with a few times, the governor was removed, and ultimately the engine swapped out for something a little hotter. In the spring, the differential will be locked up, and I probably will be regearing again. As the little ones get better behind the wheel, I unleash the monster within. The last couple speed runs averaged out to 59Km/h (37MPH) at a little over 6200 RPM. IIRC, it's currently geared at 7.5:1, and the rear tires are a measured 15". The engine (now) is a Honda GX160, governor removed. Rejetted stock carb, straight pipe, factory air cleaner. Timing advanced, internals unknown (used engine).

Thread located here-


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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Here is my minibike that I build from an old pitbike frame that I chopped in half. I then constructed and welded a new rear end on to it so that I could accommodate my engine.

I had a Briggs 3.5HP engine laying around that was just waiting for a home, and I was keen to give it one. I had bought another old pitbike frame which I cannibalised a lot of parts from, such as wheels, levers and brakes.

I went with a gear ratio of approx. 11:1. I got this through using a jackshaft which allowed me to get compound gear reduction (Never mind the fact that the back wheel sprocket was on the other side of the wheel compared tp the engine).

It pulls me around at a decent pace, and has enough torque to not be a disappointment.


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bc, canada
My re-cycle chopper.
I finished my bike a couple of years ago. Made of given, scrap and found materials.

Champion 6.5hp clone,200cc, 6:1, cent clutch (w/ js, 2x24t)
For smooth ground, not street legal.

Took about 3yr, finished in 2011, worked on and off. Finally finished mid 2011, the last 9months I had been laid off so had time to work.

Square tube frame, r-side drive w/jackshaft, car spare tire rear, ammo crate container material for fender, rail spike foot pegs, rebar kickstand, seating material from a found office chair, motorcycle disc rear brake(the only motorcycle part).

A bunch of others, only bought the motor, drive train components, hardware, brake calliper and a few other little bits.

My thread is here,


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Thank you all for your support in this project...

Lo-T aka "Lat-Lod"

Original frame: Manco Red-Fox(dead axle, 2 seater)
Fused frames: Carter Bros.(live axle), Rupp(1 seater)

Honda GX200, custom modded

9T(TC/CVT), 45T(Axle)= 5:1 ratio. On 16" wheels=45-50mph

'Mostly' on road... but able to travel off road in places

My mods are...:
a. Longer wheel base length, motor moved to center of rear, bigger wheels, and changing dead to a live axle, by fusion of a Carter Bros. kart's rearend assembly. Fabbed the newer rear axle to a 1" w/ 7"disk brakes.
b. Changed out the 2 seater bench for a single seat frame by fusion of a Rupp race kart mid frame assembly.
c. Steering made proper in alignment by adding Ackermann proportions/standards.
d. Honda GX200. No governor, jetted, +.020 piston/rings, custom intake/header/muffler/fuel/paint/emblem/deck. TC/CVT 30 series TAV2 (6")
e. Frontend 14* caster, 11* camber fusion of same Rupp racing kart.

I was given this Manco frame from a friend of mine. It was given to me w/ no motor and no front wheels. The frame was good(no major rust/not bent up). I got a HF212, by recommendations from almost EVERYONE.

After building it up to, somewhat, factory standards I decided I wanted to modify it considerably. It had TOO much of a 'Toy' look to it... so I wanted to 'beef' it up both visually and mechanically. I bought a Carter Bros. frame off CL for 75$. With it, came the rearend assembly for a (encased) live axle, JackShaft, hubs/bearings, 16" wheels, steering wheel, which I fused/replaced all to the Manco frame. I later changed out the 3/4" encased axle tp a 1", and relocated it to a further position back.

After that, I got tired of being asked for a ride on it... so I decided to make it a solo seater. I got another kart off CL, a 30$ Rupp. From that frame I got 3 Manco rims/tires/tubes a bent/rusting apart frame, which I removed the seat assembly. I fused it and it was pretty simple. Along w/ the seat frame... I used the frontend off of it aswell. I contained the proper caster/camber needed for correct steering.

There are several 'other' little mods/fabs I did which can be read up on here.

Short/brief history of Lo-T's life... feel free to watch the other vids as well!


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Kelly Wood

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Salt Lake City Utard
Urban Defiance

Hi, I'm Kelly. Although most have seen this before, it's the first Kart Rod - Urban Defiance.

She started life as a Hamilton Brothers one wheel drive fun kart. It was built in the early 1970's. I bought the frame and some other parts and this frame sat for a year in my back yard, until I had an idea.

You can read all about it in the "Kart Rods" thread if you wish.
It's here:

Her Details:
Name: Urban Defiance
Make: Hamilton Brothers
Motor: Harbor Freight Greyhound 198CC - 4 cycle - 6.5 hp. Governer removed, rejetted, advanced timing, straight pipe.
Max RPM: Max ever hit was 5430
Wheels: typical 5" kart tires, slicks, chen shin on the back, Duro racing wheels on the front. Steel mini bike front wheels, rear wheels are Manco 1" with 3/4" Step for live axles.
Drivetrain: #35 Chain, Noram Clutch, heavy springs, cut & vented heavy shoes, engage rpm @ 4000. No torque converter
Gearing: 15 / 60 (horstman split sprockets on rear live axle)
Braking: Single Disc, mechanical

Mods: Frame stretched 6 in, rear axle bearing hangers run over the frame rails for lower Center in rear.
Other bracing welded
Front & rear body pieces from a 1969 Waverunner body, center scoop was an air vent from the same
Riveted patch work from a semi log book carrier
Main steering rod is a quick change control rod from an outboard motor
Aero speedometer on the front hood made from a cabin top handle of a 1957 Chris Craft.
Rear seat oval top thing made from a cooking pot
Brake pedal is on the right side
Throttle is a cable trigger system on the steering wheel, right hand.
Typical usage: On Road, street racer.
Top Speed: around 48 MPH.

The whole stance of this typically has the rear a little lower than the front. The reason: It's a street racer. It must be able to go over things as necessary, thus, the tilted stance. It also has a bit of a strange "jet fighter" sleek look, all done on a whim.

She has a small arsenal of extras too, including: Dirt tires, different exhausts & air filters, etc. All for different occasions. Rarely does she go on dirt unless it's really smooth stuff. Dirt tires work well in the snow though. :)

Unique markings:
Like all of her sisters, she sports "tick-marks" on her body somewhere, signaling the number of "runs" without issue. Also, number of times pulled over by the "PO-LICE" and number of times driven in a storm or adverse weather.

Urban Defiance, like some of her Kart Rod Sisters, have also been featured in some local magazines.[v.html

Also noteworthy: Has run side by side with Desert Dulers ****el kart. They're buddies.

Some pics below


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Same Old
Wankel Kart:
Desert Demon 1
Designed and built by myself from scratch for dry lakebed racing.
Sachs KM914 Wankel Rotary Engine 303cc's 20+hp 8100rpm
Sachs KM24 Wankel Rotary Engine 295cc's 25+hp 8675rpm
OMC Wankel Rotary Engine 528cc's 35+hp 7800rpm
Rotax 277 Two Stroke Piston Engine 270cc's 38+hp 7000rpm
All the engines have been ported and or modified by me.
6:1 Gearing,15 inch tall rear tires.
Top Speed: 60+mph Depending on which engine is installed.
Double tough construction to hold up under high horse power and rough service and I have drove it many hours in the desert with no failures so far!


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Kelly Wood

The Mad Kartist
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Salt Lake City Utard
The Sarge

Hi, I'm Kelly, again. Although most have seen this before, this is actually the 4th Kart Rod designed.

She started life as a dune buggy actually. It had bigger wheels on it when I found it and it was mangled. It took me 3 hours to get the stuff from it's bent axle.

You can read all about it in the "Kart Rods" thread if you wish.
It's here:

Her Details:
Name: The Sarge
Make: Unknown
Motor: Harbor Freight Predator 212 CC (the HEMI-head version) - 4 cycle - 6.5 hp. Governer removed, rejetted, advanced timing, old briggs blown out muffler (gives a weird throaty sound) and gives the engine a strange "gas mask like" look to it. Air filter is actually a tecumseh housing furthering the look of the gas mask. The fuel tank is from a Power Products AH47, a 2 stroke engine from long ago. The "plumbing" for the muffler is actually "plumbing" pipes from home depot, burned off the coating and wrapped in fiberglass tape, rounding out the look of the military back pack setup in the back.
It's changed motors from time to time, starting with 2 briggs 5HP flatty's, but the predator is the motor for her. The look is finished off with an actual ammo can on the left side and a log book bag/carrier mounted up between your legs.
Max RPM: Unknown
Wheels: Vintage Hands 5" fronts and 6" Hands on the rear. Chen shin slicks, standard 5" in the front and the 6" wider ones in the back.
Drivetrain: #35 Chain, Noram Clutch, heavy springs, cut & vented heavy shoes, engage rpm @ 4000 based on spring & shoe setting. No torque converter
Gearing: 15 / 54 (horstman split sprockets on rear live axle)
Braking: Drum type, Asuza.

Mods: Frame stretched 6 in, rear axle bearing hangers run over the frame rails for lower Center in rear.
Other bracing welded
Front body clip is actually a Jerry Can, a military gas can. The lights are mirrors and chicken wire makes up the rock guards on them.
Brake pedal is on the right side
Throttle is a cable trigger system on the steering wheel, right hand.
Typical usage: On Road, street racer.
Top Speed: around 50+ MPH. It's faster than Urban Defiance.

The whole stance of this typically has the rear a little lower than the front. The reason: It's a street racer. It must be able to go over things as necessary, thus, the tilted stance.

Unique markings:
Like all of her sisters, she sports "tick-marks" on her body somewhere, signaling the number of "runs" without issue. Also, number of times pulled over by the "PO-LICE" and number of times driven in a storm or adverse weather.

The machine gun is the inside of a blown out muffler welded to the front left frame tube
The siren looking thing on the left is from a military outboard motor of unknown origin. It's actually an air filter housing.
The brake pedal has it's original rubber pad on it.
The scrub brakes seen in the pics were used in the beginning but were then simply fixed in place because of the clunky and "old school" look they achieved.
The tail light is from a 1961 sailboat trailer. It only had one light but the look of it helped out greatly.
It also has an antena mounted on the ammo box... which breaks regularly due to vibration.
The vents on sides of the front clip (the fuel can) are from a space heater, cut out and riveted into place.
The grill itself is just flat black spray paint.

The numbers on the side (419 tc 240) was the truck number of my truck in the Iraq war.

Spray paint used is Rustoleum, Camo, Deep forest Green. Stenciled lettering uses the font known as Phantom Stencil.

Also noteworthy: Has run side by side with Desert Dulers ****el kart. They're buddies.

As with the others, she has a small arsenal of different setups including dirt wheels, straight pipes, etc. for different occasions.

She's commonly found watching over the races at Miller Motorsports Park during the summer and running about the racing scene taking pictures and mingling with the crowds. Always receiving a thumbs up from both parents & kids alike.

People love her and it's currently the most recognizable in the bunch, also the most popular.

The Sarge, like some of her Kart Rod Sisters, have also been featured in some local magazines.[v.html

Some pics below.


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Queensland, Australia
The Ugly Duckling

Or as my Wife calls it: Bush Pig.

I never intended this thing to be pretty, instead I have gone for the "industrial" look...

Make - Designed and built from scratch using some donor parts
(Wheels, Axle, Steering Wheel & Jackshaft) from Cox & Murray ride on mowers.

Engine - Victa 160cc 2 stroke

Gearing - 11.1 : 1 with 12" rear Wheels. Brakes are twin piston hydraulic disc.

Use - Off road

Mods - Carburettor - PZ27, Inlet Manifold, Air Filter, Head shaved down by 1.0mm, Porting (mild), advanced ignition timing.


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Nixa, MO
My 3 year old calls it the
Faer Weird (His name for 4 wheeler)

There is some sort of Minibike frame in there that I chopped to bits, but I don't know what it was.

Harbor Freight Predator 6.5

6:1 Gear Ratio with 15 inch tires

Mostly off road, it is very short, and even with ackerman, it's hard to steer.

I spent probably 20 hours building this. It's not done, but it's getting closer. I'd like to redo the seat, it was my first attempt at making one, and it shows. I also want to fill all the holes, and build a shroud over the clutch. The footrests didn't work out like I had hoped, so they need redone, along with the brake pedal.

Still haven't shot new video, so this one will have to do.


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Puerto Rico
Bando's Mini Jeep.

This Jeep was designed and built by myself as a personal goal. It took me about five to six months to get the first run and about three years to make it look like the pics. Everyday I'm thinking on improvements and many are already in process.

Some details
1st engine setup: Briggs & Stratton 8hp engine with centrifugal clutch.
2nd engine setup: Briggs & Stratton 8hp engine with torque converter.
3rd and actual engine setup: Briggs & Stratton 12hp with peerless three gear + reverse transmission.

Mini Jeep thread:


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The Boss
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South Carolina
Here is one of our projects we did in class. We used the following parts off of a Baja mini bike: back tire, brakes, and clutch. We used 1"x1" square tubing for frame, fabricated triple tree on Haas CNC machining center, and seat came off exercise bike and reupholstered by local shop. We used the famous Predator 6.5hp engine from Harbor Freight. More photos to come. What do you guys think for a first project with teenagers.


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Berkshire UK
Garden ride on to mini Jeep

My right hand drive mini jeep came out of a long felt want for something that I could drive and looked cool, I don't buy things, I build them!.
The mechanicals started life as a Westwood ride on mower
This one came with an 11HP B&S engine and a 5 speed + reverse gearbox.

The body was made up from 22gauge mild steel, which can be rolled by hand around heavy cardboard tube.
Body panels were stiffened with 10mm square tube tack welded in place.

Full build details and drawings in this thread.


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    frontwings jp10.jpg
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    All green01.jpg
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    front bumper02.jpg
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Melbourne, Australia
Motorised Esky

I built this as a school project in my final year of school; I welded the frame from scratch, and built it over five months, it has mechanical brakes, centrifugal clutch and a live rear axle; I have a battery under the speakers in the front and an antenna on the side of the frame for radio. The paddles under the steering wheel are the brake and throttle. First time building something like this and has held up very well, and is lots of fun to ride.

Frame: 25mm Square Tubing w/ 2mm aluminium chequer plate used for panels

Engine: TWM 5.5hp Engine 4000rpm

Gearing: 5.75 : 1 (12t clutch-69t sprocket) w/ 13” Wheels

Top Speed: 39kmph (fastest recorded time with GPS, however I feel I have been faster before)

Esky Size (Cooler):
80Litres (holds up to two slabs {cases} of beer & seats two people)

MODS Extras:
-2x 12V Mini LED Spotlights 500 LUMEN (35W)
-5x LED strip lights (4 blue, 1 red)
-Pioneer Car Stereo w/ speakers & antenna (not sure of the model), all together on sale for $89, however doesn’t play cd’s which is why it was so cheap


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Lansing, MI
Here ya go.

13hp to 82hp motors. All inspired by the PGO Bug Racer. :)

One more to complete, and a single seater for my landlord, then I'm done building them for other people. Unless they pay me $10,000. Maybe...


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    Dirtbox buggy.jpg
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Here's my go kart, it's got a 400cc bandit gsf motor on it, it's got about 60hp and has had mild tuning parts so maybe abit higher horses. I've been building it since about Christmas, not quite finished yet but progress is steady....

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Fast Eddie

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Out in the garage
AmEx Black

80's Manco American Express originally with 5hp Briggs, centrifugal clutch, and mechanical band brake. Now sportin' a Predator 212, Comet TAV, and hydraulic disc brake plus other upgrades.





kart bruiser

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this is a kart that was dropped off and was given 1000 spending limit including labor and i had to have these elements included in build ; 2wd,elec start ,6+hp , torque converter , big offroad tires and at least 7 inches of clearance ,
original kart was bought in 1973 by same guy dropping it off and said that it sat in his barn for 27 years and he and his son had a blast on it when he was young and wanted it to look nearly the same but completely updated
so i did it using a duramax 7hp and cheap T/C from ebay, 24 dollar battery-ebay, and 4 inch brake drums and 60 tooth 40 pitch sprocket were all resurfaced by hand as was the frame. rear tires and front tires were bought mistakenly 2 years previous by me and were never used till this build presented itself
reas;16x6-8 and fronts are 145x70-6
spindles were switched out with another kart with longer threads in front added bonus , they were welded low on spindle giving me the 7 inches i required .
Everything else was stuff i had laying around from older builds last summer.
i lost the phone with the very last 3 pics with matching front tires and seat and original number 25 on side plates to remind him and his kid thatits the same kart,lol
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