Plan for bike pusher for delta configuration trike, (low 20's mph)


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Newby, looking for workable plan for a bike pusher for my delta configuration trike. It's an older model Sunseeker, Eurus., with a 3 x 7 derailler.
I've already seen the Hughes Motorized bike pusher kit on YouTube using 79cc Predator, for an Old style Schwinn Meridian with its large basket on the rear. It has a very compact motor trailer which is cleverly designed, but I don't think it will work for my trike which has underseat tiller steering. I still want to be able to remove the pusher and not alter trike's capability as a "bicycle". Max speed I'm looking for is low 20s for help cruising on paved road bike lanes (no hills to worry about). Any ideas or suggestions?


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