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Hello everyone, call me Andy if you want. I’m new here and to constructing karts, but have been around maintenance and trade work most of my adult life. Worked with small to medium sized boilers most of it, and other facility support maintenance mostly.
Now I’m 63, handicapped, a grand father, and want to build a go kart, buggy for an old man, so I can play around with the two grandchildren while they ride there new 4 wheelers. I am not trying to keep up with them as much as just be out in the field with them.
This site has been recommended by many for information and ideas.
My handicap is I lost my right leg above the knee, so I’m not looking for something low and fast, more slower and stable, high enough to be easy for me to get on and off of easy, but not so high to be top heavy.
I have been drawing up ideas, have a few parts, and now I am looking for refinement to my ideas.
So thank you for having me, I’ll be reading and asking questions while I get started on my build.

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welcome to the forum! I would check out the granddaddy gokart buy spidercarts. You could modify the kart to have a hand controled gas too if you wanted it.