Mobie scooter conversion

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So I bought this Mobie II scooter, it's like a mobility scooter for handicapped, for $10 at a yard sale. I cleaned it up thinking to sell it on ebay or craigs list, etc. It had no batteries (of which it takes 2 12v lawnmower batts) and no charger.
I hooked up 1 car batt and 12v from a pc power supply, just to see if it works. It has an electronic board FULL of relays, etc. which I believe is for speed control. It has 2 motors, 1 fwd, 1 rev.
It really zips around and the kids had a lot of fun riding it, so now I think I want to keep it and make a little go cart for the kids out of it. It has 1 wheel in the front, which could cause it to tip, especially with kids on it.

You push these little levers on the handle bars to make it go, and a little press goes slow, etc.

The drive is in the front, I think I want to move it to the rear, to make the steering easier.
I have a magnesium metal cage that these military antenna tubes came in, (5'x2'x1')I think I could use that for the frame with some tires that don't have that "wheelchair" color.
I think I could put the gears from off the wheel on the rear axle, and setup fwd and rev using pedals from a video game.

Anyway, has anyone ever done something like this?
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