Keyway Cutting on a Champion 196cc

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Hi guys,

I have a non-keyed crankshaft on my clone engine I've been planning on using on my go kart build, and need a keyway to use the old manco torque converter that I have off a tecumseh ohh50. I just wanted to check in to see if there are any special considerations that I need to make when grinding in a keyway, such as why there is a taper on the end of the crankshaft of the tecumseh and if I need to replicate that, also if it matters exactly where I make the keyway on the crankshaft, in relation to the the position of the piston, ie top dead center piston, and top of the shaft.

Thank you

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or you could get a new crank. but you could probably get by with an angle grinder and a dremel tool. roughly cut the key way with the grinder and finish with the dremel.