Kandi Vipeer with BDX upgrades


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After watching 100 different YT videos on the GY6 engine I thought I had a good handle on the fuel vacuum system. The buggy I purchased came with a BDX 170cc gy6 engine and of course the fuel and vacuum plumbing was a mess. It ran but not well so I cleaned the carb out. It wasn't bad at all. It ran better but I wanted it to run the way it was supposed to so I tried replumbing the fuel/vac system. It came with a fuel pump and an PCV valve plumbed in but I have not see a single video with either a fuel pump or PCV so I mainlined the fuel to the carb as I have seen and left the vent at the top of the cylinder open as well as the vent coming of the transmission. It would start but stall the second you touched the accelerator. Tried go9ng to back to the way it was plumbed in before but now it will not run. Can not find any information on the way my system was set up when I purchased and no YT video even comes close. Its been a while since I worked on carbureted engines with vacuum systems but this shouldn't actually be that dam hard. Does anyone have a clue on what i can do to get my unit running again?