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Welcome to DIYGK!! You are here because like us you are into anything small with 2 or 4 wheels. This message should give you a good heads-up on what is expected of you on the forum.

There are very few rules, but we enforce the ones that we do have pretty strictly. This is a family friendly forum.

Forum rules
  • Be respectful to moderators and other forum members. "Flame Wars" will not be tolerated.
  • Keep your posts "family friendly". If Grandma would blush reading your post, then don't post it.
  • Use the search function. If you have a question, it has probably been asked before (Or look HERE)
  • No double posting in several sections, or within the same thread. Multiple posts can be considered rude.
  • Please keep all questions on the same subject to the same thread, do not start a new thread asking the same question
  • Please keep all related questions to one thread; in other words, if you have two seemingly unrelated questions regarding the same kart, etc, post both & all other enquiries relating to the same vehicle in a single thread; many different threads relating to the same kart, etc can be confusing
  • No spamming (Duh)
  • Do not bump old threads. It's better to reference an old thread than revive it
  • No politics or religion.
  • Please post a short introduction in the "Introduce Yourself" section
  • Please look at the DIYGK MEMBER MAP and place a pin in the spot where you are from. It helps to visualise our membership....and its cool

Some tips to getting good help (Important!!)
  • Post Pictures!!! We can't stress that enough. Some members will not answer you without seeing what you are working with. HERE is a thread on how to post pics
  • Please fill in your profile! As advice can/will vary depending on location, it helps a lot if we know where you are
  • Please keep your intro to introducing yourself; questions relating you your projects can be asked in the discussion section
  • Even if you have a similar question to a current thread, it's better to start your own thread as opposed to hijacking someone elses
  • An important link is the HELPFUL LINKS STICKY. It can be found in the FAQ section of the forum and contains TONS of helpful links to everything you can think off.
  • Each section has several Sticky threads at the top. These are important threads relevant to each section that were deemed good enough to be stickied for you
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