In need of tires soon but should i get new rims


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I have 145 / 70-6 front and 16x8-7 rears

my rear rims from what i can tell have 19 splines.
I have not found rims that will fit. I have seen hubs but no rims.

Would would be the best route
I want bigger wheels for more ground clearance. I have been searching different tire sizes. I can't find anything bigger than what we have.

Also can a normal tire machine install these small tires? I work for dealerships and there is a tire machine i can use.


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Ruhrpott [Germany]
depends on the tyre machine.. some are limited
so just ask what size rims can be firmly mounted.

get a hub and a matching rim, far easier than finding a splined rim that actually fits.

Oh and if you talk ground clearance, I hope you're NOT talking sprocket to ground..
since the larger wheel will require a bigger axle sprocket in order to compensate for the then upset gear ratio again.
and you start all over again.

if you talk ride-height, you'd still need a larger axle sprocket of course,
(gear ratio is still upset ;)) but the sprocket clearance should remain as is more or less.