high-performance Ken Bar Streaker s350

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Aka a kenbar
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roachdale, indiana
Aka budget gokart
Soo i dont really have a build log but i joined the forum because the drive hub was destroyed.(still is lol). And i never did much other than drive the crap out of it but i wanted to share it more than i have. I dearly love this go kart and want it to last so it can be my brothers first go kart. It has been crashed many many times and it takes it and doesnt hiccup any. It is badly in need of a restoration but im torn between leaving it an awesome rat rod or restoring it to make it match my other ken bar. I do plan on upgrading the 212 with a stage one kit and removed govenor when i get the money for it. I have really let the kart go and i feel bad about it. :(

I need to: replace the kill switch, take the back non drive wheel off and replace it with a better rim, remove all the tires, paint the rims red, silver, or gold. Then put the nice drive rim on my other streaker to replace one with holes blasted in it. Also i am painting rusty spots and removing most of the old stickers.
I also need new pics these are really old ones


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Ruhrpott [Germany]
yes obviously you have a somewhat creepy relation to your go kart..
but really, we have seen it already (more often that necessary tbh)
and there isn't any need that you start a new thread per day just to show us more pictures of your beloved toy(s).
for that you can stick with ONE single thread of randomness in the OT..

So please fill this thread with content
(and that is not babbling about how in love you are with the kart and how dear it is to your heart) but actual WORK on the kart

else this thread will vanish as quickly as it emerged ;)



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Bahahaha...so what about those often updates Spunkmeister? And you guys probably thought I faded away into obscurity when I've just been busy! I have had a little bit of time to tinker with some of my stuff though.

I'll put a Streaker pic up for you with a Briggs clone engine on it. The one I was gonna put on the chopper bike... decided to put it on the kart instead...



Anyway, got some parts on order. Gonna see if I can get a little more out of that engine. Streakers Rule!!! Now update before Sid comes for you!