Help With A Torque Converter Rebuild!

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Hi ya'll first off wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing all of this information, really helps new people like me!

Additionally I believe this is the right place for this post but if not please correct me.

Me and friend have recently purchased and have been fixing a manco red fox lxt go kart, and have been stumped on the proper way to disassemble this torque converter that came on the original engine. It has sat for a long time, which is what prompted us to try and tear it down to refurbish it so it doesn't go chewing through belts.


I have a what I believe to be a comet 30 series torque converter, I have confirmed it is asymmetrical, and it has the original belt marked 5959 manco.
When attempting to take the snap ring off of the driven pulley, I noticed there isn't actually any snap rings to be found but instead some sort of washer the resembles a keychain ring. What is the proper way to disassemble this torque converter?

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