HELP!! Need housing for Comet SCD-1 Differential


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Telford TN
So I got a little carried away with the Kart today and almost flipped it sliding thru a corner, well that should have been a sign to ease up till I get some turf tires cause knobbies and sliding don’t mix! Well I took a break ( no pun intended) and then after dinner went back out. I lapped the track a few and then hit Wot across the field and then drifted the circle drive. I slid into the turn to far and decided to continue into donuts since I was on gravel , then I wasn’t and knobby tires met turf at wot sideways and shattered half the housing for the differential! Anyone know where I can find a new housing?

I priced a new solid axle and sprocket and for 100 I can be back on the track but really want to try and find the side of housing for differential or a new one if possible??