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As a throw away line I told my boys that I’m sure we could make their pedal kettler gokart electric.....we’ve done lots of other things that seemed unachievable but this is starting to really tax me! We have a 36V Li battery which we’ve connected to a 750W motor and have foot pedal connected etc and works beautifully in principle on the garage floor, but now trying to get it connected to the go kart is a complete brain ache. The rear axle (600mm x 13mm) is in a bit of a bad way and doesn’t dismantle easily so I’ve come to the conclusion we need to replace the rear axle....but the options out there are mind blowing. And I’m still not sure I understand if it’s possible to attach our sprocket with freewheeler and 27mm freewheel adapter to an axle without welding (I’m thinking of getting a 25mm axle). All advice gratefully received!